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Sweden Internship Program

Study in Latvia and Work in Sweden
Studying in Sweden is different. Swedish universities have an open climate, with a strong focus on group work. This will give you valuable skills for the future. The global job market values ambitious, innovative and perceptive team players. Swedish universities foster these qualities through a forward-thinking culture where you’re close to the latest ideas and trends.
Potential Job Positions:  
Hospitality and Catering: Cooks, chefs, waiters, waitresses, bar staff, housekeeping room attendants, and front desk agents.
Health Care Professionals: Doctors, nurses and care assistants.
Study Program and Work Duration & Visa Extensions
Study Program takes place in Latvia for 3 months where the student studies basic Swedish and will obtain certification to work in Sweden.

After completion of the study period the applicant will be placed in Sweden on a 1 year contract, which can be extended for an additional 1 year depending upon the applicant’s performance.
Participant Eligibility:

Participant must be aged between 18-50 years old

2.Language requirements

The participant must have an understanding of the English language to at least intermediate level so as to be able to communicate during the course of the study programme. The participant will learn basic Swedish in Latvia, in preparation for the work placement in Sweden.

3.Program requirements

The participant will have at least 1 year relevant work experience.
Diploma and degree level qualifications are desired, but not essential.

TIME SCALES End-to-End Process
4 months from date of application to arrival in Latvia.
Commencement of application for Sweden once in Latvia
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